Central Manufacturing

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Trommels are ideally suited for size separation, blending and debaling. Other functions include washing, treatments, cooling and drying, ripping and abrasive tumbling.
The features and advantages of rotary as opposed to other methods are self evident.

  • Flexible and adaptable design.
  • Large volume capacity.
  • Simple operation.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • An inherent self-cleaning action.
  • Multiple stages of separation.
  • Variable speed.
  • Adjustable downslope.

The basic perimeter flange cylinder format is a tried and true design. However, the flat faceted panel geometry has become a popular choice offering improved performance and quick, simple screen section exchange.

Unique and made to order

Feed stock is introduced through a conical (tapered) inlet with fluted lifters designed to expedite the flow and minimize spillage. The trunnions (support wheels) are mega-sized and riding rings are machined for true turning. When required, self aligning assemblies are employed to compensate for any flux in concentricity. Enclosures and contact seals minimize dust migration, access panels are employed for visual inspection and/or screen panel extraction. Built in hydraulic yokes lift the heavy barrels off the trunnions for ease of service or replacement. Other standard features include lube lines manifolds, static discharge, ring wipers, and much more.

All removable enclosures, shields and panels are fabricated to a manageable size. Special accessories include built-in service jibs for heavier drive trains, breaker bars within hopper walls, motion sensors, exhaust ports, skid-mounted structural support systems, service platforms and much more.

Three types of drives… friction wheel, chain wrap, and face plate. All proven designs with distinct purpose.

Aperture patterns: staggered, progressive, any shape, any size.

One thing is certain…
you are about to trade up.